Bed Rack Accessories - Grab Handle

Bed Rack Accessories - Grab Handle

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SKU: 1001-ADGBM01

  • The HOBBS Grab Handles gives you a secure access position to load and unload your gear from your bed rack.
  • They can be attached to any of the multiple holes and slots on our racks or drill new holes for your desired location.
  • Universal Design. Can be used for other uses such as a tie down point.
  • Includes all mounting hardware.
  • Sold Individually
  • These grab handles will fit other racks, but will require some modifications and drilling for installation.


Made in the USA

  • Made from 0.375” HR Steel and welded together.
  • CNC Precision Cut Panels
  • Black Powder Coated


  • Freedom Standard Bed Rack
  • Freedom Mid Height Bed Rack
  • Freedom XT Bed Rack
  • Universal Application